using a 2 pole 6 way rotary switch

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navin advani

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I have Dunlop 535Q wah pedal for my guitar. One of the features of this pedal is a 6 way switch that can switch between 6 different capacitors.
This is the wah.

However when one is playing one never knows which position this switch is in. So I figured I could replace the 1 pole 6 way rotary switch in the wah pedal with a 2 pole 6 way switch and use the second pole to switch a RGB LED.

The idea was to have 6 positions. Red, Green Blue, Yellow/Orange (a mix of Red and Green), Purple/Violet (a mix of Blue and Green) and Aqua (a ix of Green and Blue).

Position 1: Red
Position 2: Blue
Position 3: Green
Position 4: Red + Green
Position 5: Red + Blue
Position 6: Blue + Green

How would one do this. The LEDs I am using are these:

When I connect the LEDs (via a current limiting resistor) in parallel they short out so all positions end up with one colour. I assume I have to use some diodes before the LEDs connect to position 4, 5 and 6 to prevent the current from going "backwards".

Help or Advice would be appreciated.