Use motor as generator - how to control generated current

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I want to use a DC motor as generator. In the picture attached there is the equivalent circuit of the motor. I also want a constant generated current. What is the best way to control the current?



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It will help to have some more information:
  • -Can you describe your system, start to finish to give us an idea of what you're trying to accomplish?
  • -What is your load? What are you supplying this current to?
  • -Why do you need constant current as compared to constant voltage? Are you trying to compensate for variations in generated output or is your load changing such that you're trying to adapt to it?
  • -What's the size of the generator? What do you have turning it?
  • -How much power are you expecting to get out of the generator?


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I’ve used treadmill motors. There’s always a few at the landfill.also he motors from mobility wheelchairs are geared 24 volt motors. Also at the landfill. Just make sure you bring something that is heavier than what you take so when they weigh your vehicle it shows you dropping something off.


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If you want to control the generated DC voltage, a wound field motor is the better choice.
Alternatively :) an automotive alternator can be used, the field can be controlled to supply much higher than the normal 14.5v
if you're doing some kind of wind power project, I'd probably go with a permanent magnet brushless motor, there's less friction, virtually no wear, and they usually generate a higher voltage per rpm which makes it easier to regulate the output power