Unigor 230 DMM, any good? unfortunately broken

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Dear all,
glad to post in the forum for the first time.

I'm not really an expert, but sometimes i try to repair very simple appliances, as an exercise and an attempt to give electronics a second life.
Some years ago I bought this used Unigor 230 multimeter cause I liked the build quality and the features (manufactured in 2007, I believe).
It served well my purposes till a batteries leakage flooded the bottom part;
today it doesn't work properly anymore: e.g . it measures exactly half the voltage it should.

a few things I checked:
circuit seems now clean from leakage
touching leads measure 2.4Ohm
buzzer for touching leads working
fuses are ok

How can I clean it more deeply?
Is it worth to try to repair it? Any idea of what I should check next?

Many many thanks in advance



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... Do you have another voltmeter? ... One thing that you might check, if possible, is the DC voltage coming out of the battery box as it goes to the circuit board. There is a possibility that corrosion or something else has contaminated the battery connections causing a sort of additional resistance and resultant erroneous performance.
... Does the diode check seem to give a correct response?