Unidentified marking code EEXC0 on a SOT23-6 component

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Hello everybody,

    I have to replace a SOT23-6 component with the marking code EEXC0 written on it. I have searched in many SMD online databases with no luck so far, I haven't been able to get the component reference yet. The designator of these components printed on the PCB are Q* so they should be transistors.
    Componente EEXC0.JPG
    I have drawn where each pin of these components is conected to. At first, I thought it was a double MOSFET-N since the pinout and the configuration of the circuit seemed to point to that direction, so I drew it that way. In fact, Q2B looks pretty much as it. Then, what really didn't fit to me is the configuration of Q1 component, which is exactly the same component as Q2.

    If Q1 was a double MOSFET as I have drawn:
    - How could they drive current in both directions from analog signals as if they were analog switches?
    - How could they be switched on if the sources have no voltage reference so we can't ensure that VGS>threshold?
    - They can't be analog switches neither as they don't have VCC supply voltage nor GND reference.

    Thanks a lot, any help to understand what it is will be highly appreciated.