Unexpected coilgun project, looking for parts advice.

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Hey, first post here, thought I'd ask after seeing several threads here.

Basically have always thought a coilgun would be a fun project to do, but rather expensive for some of the parts, however thanks to my trainee-ship I have collected 16 12000uF 400V capacitors, and a coilgun was the first thing that came to mind.

At the service center I'm at for the next 2 weeks old, but functional parts are thrown out, including 600V 200A IGBT's and similarly rated Diodes.

From my quick research over the last two hours, I could possibly use the IGBT's to switch the coils (can they handle this? It was mentioned in a what to do with capacitors thread), and the diodes can be useful to protect from current from the EMF.

My actual understanding of this is rather limited at the moment, and seeing if it would be a good idea to grab some of these, or what else I should look at while I am still there. Would be a good project to learn again




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