Two solar panel 10 watt each got question connection

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Have two solar panel rated 10 watt @12 volts each,question if connect two 10 watt panel in series that should make 20 watts output ,but the voltage will be come 24 volts.
(1) How do i keep the 20 watts and have the voltage at 12 volts instead of 24 volts.
(2) What i heard is if increase the voltage the current output wound be less (true or false)?
(3) Try to have higher current output to charge some rechargeable Gel cell batteries.
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Put schottky diodes in series with the positive lead of each panel. (Anode toward the panel.) Connect the cathodes of the diodes together, this will be the positive out. Connect the negative terminals of the panels together, this will be the negative output. Now you have 12 volts at twice the current.

The current rating of the diodes must be over 1 amp and have a voltage rating greater than 24 volts.