Two parts damaged in my Multimeter from China

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dilan radha

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910337F3-60F4-4752-8F90-F3A92DF108D7.jpeg Hello,
The two marked parts are damaged. But I can not tell what they are as their marks are not clear. Would you please illustrate it for me?


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If you can't read the value and the resistors are damaged such that their value is not measurable and no schematic is available then I fear you need a new meter.


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Cute design - I like how they've got giant pads to mount a proper fuse, but they also left a path to bypass the fuse with a zero-ohm "resistor."

Without the fuse, not much room for error - one wrong connection could smoke the meter!


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I also would just buy another one. Less headache and effort than trying to hunt up the parts and then solder them back in.
Walmarts comes to mind. My fluke went bad and I needed one quick so I bought one from Walmart but mine had surge protection.



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so true Brzkr... but I guess i'm one of those guys that will spend $20 to fix a $10 thing when I can just replace it... I've done worse... $200 for a project that can be bought for $20... lol. But some of us just like the challenge.


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I understand some things are worth fixing but a meter from china.... naaa. My little project I'm working on the originals only cost about $50. I bet I've spent close to $150 and haven't got everything yet to make all the parts that goes with it. I got just the basics to get it to work for now. I'll probably go over $200 when all is said and done. R&D stage now.