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Joined Jan 20, 2021
Hi all im new to this group
I hv a philips tv it 32pha4100/98
I bought a service schematics online based on the model no but it turned out it was for a different board

How in the world do i find for the chassis no of this tv? I even emailed singapore philips who was of NO USE!

I SPOKE TO the guy who sold me the schematics n he is like i dont know u go figure!! Now i hv wasted 15$ n no schematics n a very dead tv!!

I did some of my own probing n found a schotty diode shorted to ground. I replaced it n the short on board is gone but i still cant find the fault.
Can someone show me a link or a website to find for the correct chassis no pls?
Attached is the board n the no.
Can someone assist me pls?
Thank you.