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The “breaking the vacuum.” is more PopSci than actual science.
According to the theory of quantum electrodynamics, the zero-point energy of empty space isn't zero, but some positive, finite value. Although we visualize it as particles and antiparticles popping in-and-out of existence, a better depiction is to recognize that, with enough energy, you can — through physics — use these electromagnetic properties of empty space to generate real particle/antiparticle pairs. This is based on the simple Einsteinian physics of E = mc2, but requires a strong enough electric field to build those particles: around 1016 volts per meter. Light, since it's an electromagnetic wave, carries with it both electric and magnetic fields, and will reach that critical threshold with a laser intensity of 1029 W/cm2.
Whenever energy is added to a system, the system gains mass. A fully charged EV battery with 16 kWh 181kg would weight ~ one billionth of a kilogram more than a discharged battery.

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