Turn-Stop-Taillight circuit help

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Hi guys, new here and looking for some help on a circuit for turn-stop-running lights using 2 wire led's, they only have a positive and negative coming out.

I want to use just two of these, 1 on either side of the bike and to function as such; both dim for running light, both full bright for brake light, and then either side will flash full brightness for turn signals.

I could wire a diode and resistor in parallel to dim the LED which will give me running light and brake light functions (making the 2 wire LED into a 3 wire), but I do not know how I can get the turn signal to supercede the brake light and flash the LED when the brake is applied.

Is is possible to build a circuit to control this?
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There are other sites which may be able to give you some guidance: Electro Tech Online

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