Trying to locate proper SMD components for project

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    I have never worked with SMD items before and am a little confused about which items I need to order. For example a resistor marked R010 which was about 3.1mm x 6.2mm and is a 2512. Looking at charts I've seen this resistor listed as .5w, 1w and 2w so I have no idea what wattage is needed b/c not only do the charts list it as different wattages, the items for sale list different wattages.

    The items are for building an arduino centered home power monitor
    Here is a parts list for one unit but I'm going to need enough for 4-5 of them. The number on the left is the quantity needed for each unit.

    (6) 10u C-USC0805 C0805
    (8) 100 R-US_M0805 M0805
    (16) 10k R-US_M0805 M0805
    (1) 330u CPOL-USE3.5-8 E3,5-8
    (1) 2200u CPOL-USE5-13 E5-13
    (4) (Jumper pins??) PINHD-1X2 1X02
    LM2575 LM2575 TO263-5
    (1) (Jumper Pins??) PINHD-1X25MM_TERMINAL 5MM_TERMINAL
    330u L-US6000-XXX-RC 6000-XXXX-RC
    EI30-1 EI30-1 (transformer - 120v -> 5v)

    This device is supposed to convert 240 (or 120v) down to 5v for the arduino but I'm thinking I might skip that part and power it directly from a 5v (1.5a) charger which I would think would be sufficient.

    Can anyone help me figuring out what SMD parts I need?

    The first 5 are the ones I have questions about.
    10uf 0805 form? what voltage?
    100ohm resistor M0805 what wattage??
    10K ohm resistor M0805 what wattage?
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    The nomenclature is terse and abbreviated in a way that suggests it's specific to a library such as Easy EDA uses. If you know the source, you can look for the long description there.

    You can make assumptions that resistors of a given package size will all have adequate wattage ratings for the circuit but it would be more prudent to make a determination based on an analysis of the schematic. The same principles apply to the voltage ratings for the capacitors.

    A 10μF electrolytic capacitor of that size is going to be tantalum but I couldn't tell you the voltage without looking it up. The 330μF and 2200μF capacitors are aluminum electrolytics.
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