Troubleshooting buzz on neo 5.1 speakers

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by The_Dored, May 17, 2015.

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    May 17, 2015
    After few years speakers developed a deep buzz, but only on bass, front side and rear speakers are fine, buzz appears 10-60 minutes after turning them on, sooner if you play something (music or movie), no buzz for 60 or more minutes if you just turn them on and don't play anything but it still appears even if they are not connected to anything, for example buzz appears even if I just plug in and turn subwoofer on without connecting it to pc or even connecting rest of the system to it. Amplifier and power supply are inside a subwoofer. The speakers don't have ground so it is not a ground loop. Brother and I tested all bigger caps and changer 4 of them, we did not test small ones, I am planing to go and test all of them, there is bunch of them... I will post a few pictures and I would appreciate if anyone who have any idea what could cause buzz could respond, what are the stuff that can cause it so I know what to check. Thanks in advance.

    20150518_012506.jpg 20150518_012346.jpg 20150518_012613.jpg 20150518_012336.jpg 20150518_012316.jpg 20150518_012406.jpg 20150518_012539.jpg