Trouble setting up cheap chinese knockoff HC-05/06

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I have two near-identical chinese bluetooth dongles. These seem to be referred to as HC05 and HC06 in what I see but I have no idea what chip they use because supplier gives ZERO information, not even whether it's 3V3 or 5V. I thought this was just a trivial, well established kind of gadget and all I would have to do is plug it into a FTDI adaptor, set the baud rate and connect it to the CC3d flight controller it was intended for. It seems it's not that simple.

I have PL232 type USB adaptor and have used both minicom and Arduino IDE's serial monitor to connect. Both give same effect so I'll refer to using the IDE.

One dongle does respond to AT command at 115200 baud, with LF/CR transmission. Fine so far.

The problem is any other AT+command is ignored. No error, no return msg. Subsequent AT still works fine.

There is a red LED on the blue tooth dongle which blinks at about 1 Hz. I've read that HC06 is always in set mode until it is paired with another bluetooth device. HC05 needs some fiddle with pulling up a pin during power on and blinks at about 0.5 Hz in this state.

There also seems to be a whole raft of non standard syntaxes being implemented dependent on whose chips/versions you end up with. I've read about :

I have not managed to get anything out of the second unit so far at any baud rate between 9600 and 115200.

Both units use the same two chips:

One chip is a Spansion AL008J70TFI020, 8magabit flash.
BC417143B MCU+bluetooth chip.

Does not help me much with the details of the protocols flashed on the these boards.

I maybe missing some simple step. I've never had to deal with these things before and in the absence of the slightest doc from the supplier, it's down to experience of someone having been there before and knowing how to work these bits of junk.

Can anyone help ? Thanks.


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