Trouble Physically triggering an external interupt (ASSEMBLY language)

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Hi everyone. I'm struggling a bit to set up a basic external interrupt that makes LEDs flash a set numbe of times each time that it is triggered. In the simulations in MPLABX it works when i make a pulse hi stimulus input but when I practically input a high (5V) into my PIC18F45K22 chip it does not respond at all. I used INT0 which is mapped to pin RB0. Here is the code:

 list        p=PIC18f45K22
    #include    ""
;========== Definition of variables ==========
    cblock 0x00 ;start at first address in general purpose memory
        Delay1            ; Define two file registers for the
        Delay2            ; delay loop
        Count            ; counter register address

; Assign constant value to No_of_blinks
No_of_blinks set 0x03   ; check the difference between set and equ
;No_of_blinks equ 0x03    ; alternative to set

;========== Configuration bits ==========
  CONFIG  FOSC = INTIO67        ; Oscillator Selection bits (Internal oscillator block, port function on RA6 and RA7)
  CONFIG  WDTEN = OFF           ; Watchdog Timer Enable bit (WDT is controlled by SWDTEN bit of the WDTCON register)

;========== Reset vector ==========
    org     00h
    goto     Setup

;========== Interrupt vector ==========
    org     08h
    goto     ISR ;goto interrupt service routine
;========== Setup ==========
; Initialize Port A 
    MOVLB    0xF
    CLRF     PORTA         ; Initialize PORTA by clearing output data latches
    CLRF     LATA         ; Alternate method to clear output data latches
    CLRF    ANSELA         ; Configure I/O
    CLRF     TRISA        ; All digital outputs
    MOVLB    0x00
    ; Set up Port B pin B.0 for external interrupt
    BSF     TRISB,0x00    ; make IO Pin B.0 an input

    ; Set oscillator speed at 4 MHz
    bsf     OSCCON,IRCF0
    bcf    OSCCON,IRCF1
    bsf    OSCCON,IRCF2

    ; Set up external interrupt
    CLRF     INTCON        ; clear all interrupt bits
    BSF     INTCON,INT0IE     ; enable RB0 interrupt
    BSF    INTCON,GIE     ; enable interrupts
;========== Main program ==========
    BSF    PORTA,4        ; turn on LED A.4
    GOTO     Main
;========== Interrupt service routine ==========
ISR        ; GIE automatically cleared upon branching to interrupt vector   
    MOVLW    No_of_blinks
    MOVWF    Count
flash    BCF    PORTA,4        ; turn off LED
    CALL     Delay_loop
    BSF    PORTA,4        ; turn on LED 
    CALL     Delay_loop
    DECFSZ     Count,1
    GOTO     flash
    BCF     INTCON,INT0IF    ; clear RB0 interrupt flag
    RETFIE    ;GIE automatically set upon return from ISR

;========== Delay subroutine ==========
    MOVLW    0xAA
    MOVWF    Delay2       
    MOVLW    0xBB
    MOVWF    Delay1
    DECFSZ    Delay1,f   
    GOTO    Go2       
    DECFSZ    Delay2,f   
    GOTO    Go1       

Help would be much appreciated.