Trigger both Video Doorbell and Standard Doorbell Circuit

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I just bought a Dahua Video Doorbell connected to my network via PoE (Power Over Ethernet). The thing is that some people still use my standard doorbell (I can't rewire/remove it without leaving a big hole in at my front door) so I would like to trigger the Video Doorbell when the standard doorbell is pushed (and vice-versa if the video doorbell is pushed trigger the standard doorbell so if I don't have my phone I can hear the strandard house doorbell). At first I tought maybe a simple reed relay would work but I now realized the standard doorbell is using AC (I probed the transformer and I read 21V but on the transformer it's shows 18V-10VA Load am I missing something here?), so the reed relay would need DC and therefore a bridge rectifier?

Some guys did this circuit for the same doorbell but he's using the same power source to power the video doorbell and the standard doorbell (not a possibility in my case I must use the PoE power from the network switch for the video doorbell). Source


I won't lie I'm not a expert in electronic, I do have soldering, pcb etching experience but as for circuit designing this project is a bit over my confort zone so I would like your experts advices and recommandation to do it the "right way". The main goal is to trigger the Video Doorbell when the Standard doorbell is pushed. If the other way around is not possible due that's not a big deal but would be great to get it to work both ways.

Thanks guys!