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Well, if finally happened... COVID-19 has effected me. My tried and true, all-purpose ceramic capacitor, CL10B104KB8NNNC, 0603, 0.1uF, 50V, X7R is not currently available at digikey. This part is usually available in quantities of 3M or more. Current stock is 0 with a backorder ship date of 5/8. Stock up on your favorite caps before it's too late!

Thankfully I have more than enough from previous developments to get me by.


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Lots of justifiable business rules type chip and components orders are being made for possible future production. Some are designed to get the first foot in the door if things correct quickly, most of the others are a CYA reserve for an extended worldwide lock-down. No much panic that I can see in the market, yet.

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I remember awhile back when cell phones were becoming the big thing, there was a crippling shortage of tantalum capacitors. It doesn't take an epidemic. In your case of the missing ceramics, the caps may be there but suddenly set aside for a big customer. Sometimes, with a phone call, some of this assigned inventory can be freed up. If the caps are generally available elsewhere, no big deal. If 0.1uF ceramics were gone everywhere, THAT would be a very big deal. If so, I would be curious where they went.

Edit: I see millions of AVX substitutes at Digikey. Just scroll down on the product page. Looks like we are OK, for today.
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