Triangle wave 555 issues - tip not sharp enough

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As has been said, you probably don't need a perfectly shaped triangle wave (for PWM control for your purpose).
For a perfect triangle wave, the width of each peak in the waveform varies linearly with height above base.
Now consider a very imperfect 'triangle' wave, as below:

Here's a plot of the positive-going peak widths (in microseconds) for each of the heights shown in blue:

As you can see, it's not quite a linear variation of width with height, but it's not far off and should be close enough for good PWM control in many applications, such as speed control.
Super thanks to you and also the others that commented this. I went and made some adjustments above in the last post I made after some further inspiration and think that I've managed to get the triangle wave to a steep enough point that it should work for my needs. :D

Thank you again!!