Transmission line Unit step function

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There is a exam question that might come up tomorrow and I am not sure how to answer to it.
The question is as follows:

We have a fast logic gate with Vcc = 2V . The wire leading from the gate is cut at a distance of 15cm.
At time t=0 the output of the gate goes from 0V to 2V for 8ns and then returns to 0. Gate delay is cca 1nS.
Draw an approximate V(t) on the gate output after t=0.

I know what a transmission line and that the cut line means an infinite impedance which results in a reflection
which will interfere with the output voltage but I'm not sure how the V(t) will look . Could someone help me out? This isn't terribly important as it's going to be one of about 15 questions but still I don't want to lose points on it.

Thanks in advance.