Transistor in laptop motherboard

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I'm fixing Lenovo Z500 motherboard and after test i found that from in to one Transistor volt coming in but not coming out. I ordered new Transistor, replaced it, but right now power not coming at all (in Transistor).

Old transistor spec: 4483A, AG, W26C

New transistor spec: 4483A, AEA, W58C

Or i ordered wrong transistor? How to know value?

Sorry I'm beginner...


Roderick Young

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Did you test the old part after it was removed from the board? I'm not convinced that the transistor, which is a P-channel MOSFET, was bad in the first place. If the board was once good, and now has no power at all, I'd suggest looking at the power jack first, and tracing the path through the board. Or if you have schematics, so much the better.