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    Hi , I have a steel barge on the Leeds to Liverpool canal in Lancashire . At each of our moorings is an electrical box which have been there for approx. 40 years . In each box is a transformer fed via an armoured cable, from the transformer a cable goes to a distribution / plug in panel . There are no labels on these transformers so my question is ! Could these be to isolate each box / boat from each other and if the incoming voltage ( 240v ac ) drops could these step it back up to 240v . I have used transformers with a primary of 240v and a secondary of 12
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    My guess is that they are distribution transformers or isolating 'nodes' ancillary to a secondary network... --- Perhaps the harbour authority would be a better contact...

    I'm not certain I understand this question...:confused: --- (Magnetic) transformer action is indeed transitive if that's what you mean...

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    Yes, they MIGHT be isolation transformers and they MIGHT be auto-transformers or step-up transformers. You would have a reasonable chance of receiving the correct answer from somebody associated with the management of the moorings. Some of the denizens here live in England, but it seems they are not awake right now.
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    It is generally a very bad thing to connect a boat to a source of power as any stray currents will eat away any and all exposed metal in the water very quickly This is especially bad in salt water.

    An isolation transformer is used to break any stray path that may be on the incomming AC line.