transformer ID

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Need help with id of transformer on my max 20 plasma cutter chopper board. Board gets 240 vdc and 24 volts to it. But I suspect transformer is 240 volt as it is connected to large filter cap that is 240 volt.
In addition the transformer is connected to both bad IRF350 mosfet's . The bad zener diode and 2 bad 47 ohm resistors are both connected to transformer.

I have some pics to help members identify the transformer. As always, thanks for any help I will receive.

I have taken pics of all 4 sides of transformer, hoping someone recognizes it.

I have sourced all the rest of the components of the chopper assembly, this is the last piece I need to find.



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Judging by the look of windings and the core material, I don't think it is a 240volt 50/60Hz transformer. More likely a high frequency switch mode type.