transforme output question


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Where exactly do you think the extra power(energy) will come from?

It seems that overunity proposals have two things in common:
1. There is always some aspect of the device that the proposer cannot
explain (or does not quite understand himself), and it is always this
aspect that will generate the extra power.
2. The device is never actually built.


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its not a discussion of free energy . i think the op wanted to ask what happens if a ac source is in series with the transformer powered separately fro primary side and delivering a load on sec side.


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Power sources in series simply add voltages together. Total power in will be primary power source plus whatever is in series with the secondary. Total power consumed will be useful power plus heat.

Nothing worth patenting here. (Especially when one considers that no item expecting to gross less than $1M USD is worth patenting!)


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Indeed, it is not worth patenting it, since that circuit is a simple construct of usual components. Therefore it presents nothing new and wouldn't be patented. Constructs are not patenteable by definition, only methods or objects that constitute constructs.

Programming languages are patenteable, programs are not (they are a construct) (but unfortunately they are patenteable by the new definition - just google for software patents, a ridiculous patent concept);
Paints are patenteable, paintings are not;
Sculpting material is parenteable, sculptures are not.

Also, if all people patented all single ideas they had, we couldn't do anything without going to jail.