TLE2426 simulation not splitting Vin by 2 exactly


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Hi Dritech,

The model file you downloaded from TI contains the subcircuit for the part. In that text file you can find a couple of lines that look something like this...
RIN1 3 1 400K
RIN2 1 4 411K

For some reason the model writer has set these values so that the output is out of spec. However, if you edit the values so that they are the same then the output will be much more accurate. Vout = Vin x RIN2/(RIN1+RIN2). The output value is not going to be perfect because of math rounding or other small offsets elsewhere in the model.

Perhaps the model was for a part that had a wider tolerance like 2% instead of 1%.

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All a rail splitter does is to hold the (virtual) ground steady under varying load. Whether it holds it at 50% or 48% or 52% does not matter.