Timer Controlled 1 - 8 Demux? (a audio spectrum analyzer)

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    Sep 17, 2016
    I am trying to make a audio spectrum analyzer. My plan is to take the audio to a MSGEQ7 seven band graphic equalizer, controlled with a 555 timer, then take the output of the MSGEQ7 to a demux. From there go to 7 LM3916 LED display drivers. The issue I am facing is finding a demux that is just controlled by the timer. The output of the equalizer is separated such that each of the pulses represents a specific frequency. So the first puls will be 63Hz, followed by 160Hz, etc. So what I need is for the demux is to do the opposite of what is going on in the equalizer. So the output of 1 would be high for one pulse, then low for the next 7, while pin 2 would be high on the second pulse etc. Is there a chip for this?
    Thank you
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    Please show your circuit or block diagram.
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    Sep 17, 2016
    Certainly. 20160917-110952_p0.jpg
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    Quote (datasheet)
    • Only an off chip resistor and capacitor are needed to select the on chip clock oscillator frequency.
      The filter center frequencies track this frequency.
    • The seven frequencies are peak detected and multiplexed to the output to provide a DC representation of the amplitude of each band.
    • Gain AV Peak input to DC output, Vin = 100 mVpp, fin = 1 kHz Min:Typ:Max 20:22:24 (dB)
    ((as i get it)) it outputs analog value of the signal e.g. you need 7 sample and hold (and perhaps regenerate A/D hold D/A out) buffers ((i may get it incorrect - donno the chip))

    your pin7 on MSGEQ7 is floating . . .
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    It would be something like this. My concern (with the schematic posted below) is that the MSG07 reset pin is not held high long enough - you may need a 555 as a single shot to use Q3 of 4-bit counter to trigger the 555 monostable (with an non to invert the 555 signal). Then use that 555 monostable output to keep the MSQ07 AND the 4-bit counter in reset together.

    The outputs 0-6 of the cd4051 go to your seven LM3916.

    Good luck.

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