Irrigation timer relay controlled pool fill

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I set up an irrigation valve in line from my water line to my pool pipe. Currently I can set the irrigation timer as if it is a lawn zone and "water it" once a week to add water to the pool. It works, but it's not 100% automated as sometimes the pool needs more or less water.

My next step was to add a 24v relay normally closed. The idea is to put the relay control at the pool water level and once pool fills it will complete the circuit and trigger the relay, then the irrigation line will open stopping the flow.

I tested this out with two probes in the pool water and the relay does trigger with 24v.

My problem is I am using the same 24v from the irrigation timer for both the valve and the relay. It works when it needs water, but once the solenoid becomes disconnected the relay starts turning on and off rapidly, it seems it does not draw enough for the timer. When hooking the relay directly to the timer I get an error that it cannot start zone.

Is there a way to increase the current when only relay is in, a resistor or something?


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One Picture (Schematic) is worth at least a thousand words.

It may be possible to take the Irrigation-Controller completely out of the Picture,
and power the Water-Valve to the Pool separately with it's own "Wall-Wort" Power-Supply.