Three Wired Crosstalk T. Line

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Kamil Recai

Joined Mar 3, 2019
Hi, there is a three wired crosstalk transmission line and I need to find equation for out voltage V3 in relation to source. Can anyone solve? You can recommend in a example question or book. Every help is appreciated.

Marc Sugrue

Joined Jan 19, 2018
Not sure if this is answering you question but if you simplify the network into its impedances by converting the capacitors to impedance xc=1/(2*pi*f*c) then the transfer function should become simpler to understand to find V3. As V1 and C1 are the same node (no track resistance defined) it can technically be ignored in this case. I attach my view on it as i describe all 3 circuits are simplifications the same representation of your task.