Three principles for Quantum theory:

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    Three principles for Quantum theory:
    Three principles for Quantum theory:
    a) Reference frame
    b) Geometrical form
    c) Simplicity - Occam's razor.
    a) Why reference frame?
    To know reference frame is very important because every specific
    reference frame creates its own kind of specific creatures:
    fish don't live in trees, giraffes don't live in Antarctic . . . .
    and today Quantum physics doesn't have reference frame.
    b) Why geometrical form?
    Because "Physics" try to explain the real Nature ( not abstract one)
    and Nature has quantum particles with real geometrical forms
    which today Quantum theory doesn't know.
    c) Why simplicity ( Occam's razor) ?
    Because the evolution of Nature, Consciousness, Knowledge
    are going from simple to complex.
    My ideas:
    1) the simplest reference frame in the Universe is two dimensions (2D)
    2) the simplest geometrical form in (2D) is circle: c/d = 3,14 . . . .
    3) only the simplest ideas are reliable.
    Only on the simplest ideas can be constructed the reliable castle
    for Quantum theory.
    Objections. (? !)
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    socratus, It's been months, I hope you are in good health.

    I agree with your 3 principles, but I'm afraid you would need to crack the universe to get quantum theorists to consider them.

    The many frames that quantum physics uses, have to be variable and still after many years, the equations do not match the measurements.

    Quantum theory ignores and/or denies any geometric form or structure.

    And as for simplicity, we now have more particles than elements.

    That number will increase later this year. We can increase this number at will.

    With that many particles and quantum relationships between them, why don't we have many more elements with more characteristics?

    Where is statistical probability when you need it?

    The study of disintegration has given us many questions.

    The study of structure will give us answers.
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    If you discovered any of the 'secrets', what would change?
    would people stop killing each other? Would world hunger disappear? would the pollution of the rivers and oceans cease?
    would my breakfast magically make itself?
    My guess is no, none of these things would change despite you having the secrets of quantum particle origins and interactions.
    I'm going to make some breakfast now, and maybe another cup of coffee.
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    "If you discovered any of the 'secrets', what would change?"


    Right now the only force we use is the electric. And we have learned to cooperate with gravity.

    But the real secret I believe to propulsion is inertia, not gravity.

    When we learn how to control inertia, we can go out into the backyard.

    "would people stop killing each other? Would world hunger disappear?"

    Only a change of heart can change that. Not a change in science.

    But many think science can solve this....a false religion.

    Electricity has had the most impact on human life.....more than anything else.

    Inertia will have a much greater effect.

    It will make us all more affluent....just like electric.

    It would be a new age, but it would not make your breakfast.
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    I just watched 'Interstellar' and learned the secret of the universe is love. Love will make your breakfast.