Three Phase voltage drop: RED VS Ground

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I am facing a problem with one of my power supplies that a voltage drop on the phase VS ground is coming down (207V) which supposed to be 220-230V. Phase to phase voltages are 380 V & phase to neutral voltages are 230, only one phase to gnd has a drop as below:
L1:Gnd : 207V (Drop)
L2:Gnd : 228V (OK)
L3:Gnd : 229V (OK)

My supply is three phase Y-transformer 380/230VAC, connected to residential building which have many 3-phase pumps, fans & compressors. This drop causing many panels which have the phase failure/monitoring relays to trip all the time because of phase unbalance. Any suggestions for a solution?


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Are you saying that the voltage drop is conclusively due to inductive loads on one phase? Have you measured phase currents, including the neutral wire?


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I would investigate the reason for the large volt-drop on the phase.
This is likely to be due to a high current draw and/or increased line impedance (on that phase).