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Millennials explain why they have nothing saved for retirement
But Nunley said she is unsure if saving for retirement will become a priority, even after the loans are paid off. They'd like to buy a home and Nunley has been thinking about returning to school. After graduating with a degree in anthropology, she wasn't able to find a job in the field. She currently teaches at a pre-school.


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A fascinating archaeological discovery:

The reason the trading vessel, dating back to around 400 BC, has remained in such good condition for so long is that the water is anoxic, or free of oxygen. Lying more than 2,000m below the surface, it is also beyond the reach of modern divers.

"It's preserved, it's safe," she added. "It's not deteriorating and it's unlikely to attract hunters."


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Re Wreck:
They evidently used the square rigged method which has the greatest advantage when sailing down wind.
If trying to sail well on a beam reach, (wind at right angles) they would need some kind of keel otherwise it would be hard to keep course.
So I imagine they used the sail predominately with following winds?