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But it has to be settled—and I feel that the combination of technical skill and deep thinking that characterizes the AAC population can come to an authoritative solution. Not to make this too grandiose, but I believe a decision by the body politic—so to speak—of the AAC realm will be a great service to the young people who will be able to grow up with certainty about this, and get on with life free of the anxiety the foolish persistence by some to suggest the truth is unclear and their deviant beliefs hold water.

So for the sake of the upcoming generations and the benefit of humanity in general—and civilization in particular—weigh in on this question that for too long as been allowed to appear lacking an authoritative answer:

When assembling a sandwich, what is the proper order for the ingredients?
Now I know that there are many kinds of sandwiches, and I don’t believe anyone has produced a unified theory of sandwich assembly that can generalize all of the various ingredient layers, so to simplify your answers I present two sandwich scenarios, one simple and one complex, as the vehicle for (what I expect to be) your lucid, cogent answer for the ages.

Here are the two standard sandwiches under consideration. Even if they are not your favorites, please do use them as the basis for your answer first, but don’t hesitate to add any other sandwich you believe elucidates the more general principles, and any sandwich wisdom your personal tradition can offer.

Please use layer numbers start at 1 for the sandwich ground, that is, the lowest layer—the one that everything is piled on, then work up with 2..n. For things like condiments that can mix together, unless the order of addition is important, you can have them share a single layer.

Sandwich 1: PB&J
Yes, our first sandwich is the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You have two slices of bread, peanut butter, and jelly—what is the proper order?

Sandwich 2: Meat and Cheese
Think of this one as a classic lunch meat / cold cut / delicatessen sandwich on sliced bread, with some lettuce, tomato, onion, and two spreadable condiments. I am not going to name them because some schools of sandwich truth have dietary restrictions that prohibit certain combinations or even some condiments outright—so you choose the two, and you can say what you choose, or not at your discretion.

The BoM for Sandwich 2 is:

1. Bread, two slices, your choice of type—stated or unstated.​
2. “Meat“, which could he a vegetarian or vegan option if you are inclined​
3. ”Cheese”, one slice sufficient for cover so no more than one is required, again a vegan option if fine​
4. Tomato, a slice large enough to cover, as above​
5. Onion, one slice across an onion resulting in an onion disk about the size of the tomato slice​
6. Lettuce, one or more leaves​
7. Condiment A, a spreadable condiment of your choosing​
8. Condiment B, as in the case of Condiment A.​

I have confidence in each and everyone of you. I know that the natural consensus will fall on the side of sandwich truth and beauty, and will show the world the way creating a certainty so lacking yet so needed in our modern society.

Thank you.


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I find this conundrum lacking in significance when compared to
the ages-old question of which Foot should properly be the first to be covered by a Sock,
and how this may affect your fortunes, or misfortunes, in the inevitable, ensuing Day.


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If you are out in the woods and it's freezing, you come upon a cabin and go inside, inside there is a lantern and a fireplace but you only have one match...which do you light first?

In other words, the answer is the bread.
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All I can contribute to this thread is my sharing of the undisputed truth about the utmost importance of the best possible arrangement of the slices (yes, at the very least two slices, and never a single lonesome one) of protein, and the (at least one) slice of cheese.

My claim: It is always, and I say always, best to put the cheese between the (at least two slices) of ham/roast beef/pastrami (or whatever your heart desires as the participant protein of your sandwich) and never have the cheese make contact with the encapsulating slices of bread.

The aforementioned technique keeps the cheese from sticking to your palate, and makes for a better sensory experience in regards of flavor and texture when masticating.

Thus I've spoken.


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This is the new jokes thread?
Funny you should ask .. last night I had a conversation with a couple of my closest friends that I hadn't seen for a while. And as usual, me being a center-right kind of conservative guy, and they being left-leaning know-all whose wrong opinions I respect out of friendship, the conversation inevitably veered to politics (and a dash of religion). They're in the bad habit of raising their voices when expressing their thoughts. Whenever that happens, I always point to one of my ears and make a face to let them know that I can hear them just fine... but anyways, just as the conversation was increasing in temperature, there was a silence that I took advantage of, and I asked the atomic bomb of all questions ... "Is it ok for a self-respecting mexican to add a few drops of lemon to his (or hers) tacos de barbacoa ???"

And here I thought that my funny-wanna-be interlude was going to be some sort of comic relief ... well, no, it didn't turn out that way.

They fully took the bait, sinker and all, and started arguing about the heresy committed by us northern dudes of adding unnecessary and flavor-robbing critics to our food... Yes, believe it or not, that was the marrow of our argument for the next 30 minutes or so.

I should've stuck to politics.


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@djsfantasi already gave the definitive answer for sandwich 1, but I must add, that in his and my home state of Massachusetts, the official state sandwich is the fluffernutter, so, it is actually peanut butter on one slice and marshmallow fluff on the other. Karo syrup is another alternative.

For sandwich 2, it is bottom to top:

mustard (optional, depends on which meat)

Lettuce and tomatoes are for rabbits.

We can now close this thread.


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Bread, butter, peanut butter, salt, butter, bread.
Jelly is only added to peanut butter sandwiches by people who don't like the taste of peanut butter. ;)