Things Are Often Not What They Appear To Be, Pythagoras' Theorem Origin


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Nothing's changed, the person that popularized something gets the name. Today people give credit to N. Tesla for things that were invented/discovered by others because he was a great showman, not a great scientist.


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The oil-burning compression-ignition engine was invented by Herbert Ackroyd Stuart - at that time Rudolf Diesel was still messing about with coal dust.

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Hello again,

I just read that Edison did not invent the light bulb, but he did improve on it such that it could burn for a long time.
I also read that he did not invent several things that might be attributed to him, but that was partly because he established the first research lab where there were many people working on many different new things that would later be patented and sold.
He was best at improving designs picked up from other inventors who had new stuff but didn't make them work well enough to market yet.