the "torch light" for a flash light UPDATE

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Hello, been away for awhile. One of the VERY popular members did a detailed post on a device that you attached to your flashlights. So when the power went out you could easily find them in the dark as they would start blinking. Unfortunately I have what is called chemo therapy brain fog and I can't remember the members name other than he is way up on top of the list. A senior member I believe and very popular. does anyone recall that project. I realize it has been a couple years since I started it but my cancer interfered with the lesson. I would like to get back to it as it was a really cool and impressive project. He referred to it as a torch light. I don't think he was from the States. It was based on an ATTINY85, a coin cell battery and used a LDR and a MASSIVE amount of code for such a seemingly simple device that I would like to return to studying. Thank you ALL

UPDATE: I found an old post I made in 2014. The Members name is Nick Gammon. Is there possibly an archive for OLD STUFF???? Thanks
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