The LED's Wings Project and sensing circuit.

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An update:
These summer days were extremly hot. Today, at 9am, before afternoon, right now when im writing, is 30dgr C (or 90dgr F) !!!! Which is very hot, on the thermometers and in the shadow ! It is like 5 degrees hotter in the sun, or higher, i didnt check. So it was like this all these days. And last night was a very hot night.
My sensor just got crazy in the middle of the night, again when i was sleeping, which is funny now but not then. And I am sure now, is because of the heat and most probably as you put it (mister Steve) and I believe you, because of the humidity in the air, probably too dry it was last night that triggered the thing. I took it out of the wall and put a wire jumper, as usual. I did not film it, but my influence was 3 leds and it was staying ON but very dimly, more dim than usual, like 2 or even 3 times dim. Still visible but very dim.
Wow... I have no idea how to repair this thing.
And plus over all this, the heat is making me sweat this period and very unconfortable to work. I am still working , but not as before. Damn this thing, why happening to me? Why me? Ahhh. I kind of intuitively know it will go bad, but I keep believing it will be fine. That's life in a nutshell. Especially for me as romanian. Haha. Yes, that's it. And thank you for reading.