The future of electronics

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I heard one statement recently that said utilizing electricity has always been possible and it's only within the last few centuries that man has learnt of it. I find this fascinating to contemplate if one is to imagine the grand scope of the universe and it's immense timeline.

What do you think the future of electronics will be? AI? Implants? Immortality? THE END OF MAN?


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Electronics is just one technology in the field of electrical science. Complex devices today combine Electronics with technologies from other fields of science. The future on electronics is only limited by the application of science.


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What do you think the future of electronics will be?
It will be bright, different, and limited only by the imagination and creativity of future people.

Back in the mid to late 90's, I was told by someone working on process technology that 10nm was going to be the end. Now they're talking about feature sizes in the 10's of angstroms. Every time someone predicts the end, they've been proven wrong. Even when minimum feature sizes were around 65nm, gate oxide thickness was measured in angstroms and there wasn't a fine line where one material ended and another began.