Testing sound circuit

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I have a quartz clock where the chime does not work. Looking for help on how to test and where on earth can I find a replacement without having to buy 500 of them.
It works off two AA batteries.
The leads to the movement are connected on the hour. There is an on off switch and a chime selector button.53B6222F-68B7-4DA6-B0E7-F072F4F1CBC4.jpeg


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Start by tracing out and drawing up the circuit. Doubt you'll be able to buy just 1, but it should be fixable, or glean enough to devise a replacement...

A couple of hi-res photos of both sides of the PCB from different angles would help...


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Work through the possible source of the problem.

1. No trigger from the clock mechanism
2. No output from chip (COB). That you cannot fix.
3. Bad thru-hole component, i.e. output transistor.

If you have no access to an oscilloscope, get a PC powered audio amp and do some sound tracing.