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OK, Probably diagnosed - solution on it's way. Will know in about a week.

OK, Laptop has been acting flaky. Usually it's plugged into 1 of 3 chargers. It runs the LIVE version of Linux off of a CD. There is an SSD installed, but no OS resides on it.

I have another nearly identical laptop that needs a screen (have it - not installed). Same issue No HD. I don;t have another copy of the LIVE CD. Difficulty copying under Linux. I do have an external drive I can use.

I have two extra batteries. Basically 2014. They are dated with date and website purchased. Unknown state.

I have an EXTERNAL charger that plugs into the naked battery I can use. Not crazy over it. No individual cell monitoring.
One light is green when plugged in. Red light turns out when fully charged or battery fuse blown.

The laptop adapters are non-OEM. One is an iGo and two others. One or both of the other adapters has a two step collar that holds the jack in place better,

I do have many voltmeters, but I did not use any of them. I plan to to further my education.

Aside: I have an idea how to make an ersatz magsafe connector

Laptop would just turn off randomly. Later, it would start, screen would be blank, CD light would blink a few times nd it would promptly turn off.

What might you do?

I've reasonably determined that there were two issues.

So, instead of the blid leading the blind or the expert leading the blind, I'd like to see rambomhtri lead the expert.

What would you do?

The peanut gallery can comment on the merits of suggested tests, but refrain from leading the horse to water.