terminal conection diagram and possibility? to replace mechanical relay with ssr

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I open device/regulator and inside is this kind of relay, soldered to main board
HL2-DC24V Relay, 8 Pin, AP5222
Board and terminal

Output from relay on terminal for heating element is 220v (I measured it), but relay on board is 24V, there is also transformer on board.

Here is terminal connection diagram.

What this "relay contact output" mean?
Is it possible with just some kind new connection order using this terminal connections to bypass mechanical relay soldered on board?, If not I don't see exact purpose of it, hmm ...
Also is there any way to replace it with SSR, either using terminal or directly on board?


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Relay contact output is exactly what it says. "C" (7) is the common connection on the relay. When there is no power to the relay coil it is making contact with connection "H" (8) When there is power to the relay coil the common connection "C" makes contact with connection "L" (6).
If you only needed the normally open contact you could use an SSR in place of the mechanical relay. (I have only seen SSRs with a single NO contact.



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As you see from the terminal strip, 4 & 8 not used, just 1-2-3 5-6-7.
Thermocouple, AC200v supply and N.O. relay contact.
Transformer for the 24vdc.
You could use the 24v coil voltage for a SSR and switch the 6-7 with the output.

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Nice, I see it now. I was reading this totally wrong :).

Tnx guys, if the original one die I will then play with that, for now let it be, there is something cool with this clicking,
feeling like you sent back in time hahaha