Tektronix MDO 3034 Oscilliscope Bus Event Table Decoding

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Joined Jun 14, 2022
I was curious if anyone has any in depth experience with or know of a good source to learn the ins and outs of the Tektronix MDO 3000 Series (specifically 3034), especially when it comes to the using the Bus Functions and decoding input signals using the Event Table.

I've gotten some data out of it, but I'm sure there is a lot I'm currently missing, and I am doing lots of guess work to get to the point I'm at. For instance, knowing what Bus to choose from (I2C, SPI, RS-232,CAN) when working with an unknown controller (don't want to break it open to read the chips being used on it, as its a form fitted device), figuring out what to look for in the Baud Rate (I basically went through the list and noticed 115200 baud worked best for the current device I'm using, with the most consistent repeatable commands). Stuff like that.

So yeah... any tips, tricks, or good videos or articles that cover how best to use it and really learn the indepth usage of it would be great. Thanks!