Teensy or STM-32 ?

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I am new to these microcontrollers although I am graduate from electrical engineering.
I have a project that requires only transmitting and receiving analog data from an accelerometer.
So in one side, I have the ADC with an anti-aliasing filter with a wireless module connected to the MCU,
and in the other side an MCU receiving the signal of the first and simulates the sensor wrt my NI - DAQ

What do you advise me to use as Microcontrollers? Mr Yaakov told me about these 2. What is the difference and which one is easier to use


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It is not clear from your description exactly what you will be using the microcontrollers for. Are you planning on using them to make your own wireless devices to transmit and receive the signal?
What is the distance you are transmitting the signal over? If the range is short enough it would be much simpler to use off-the-shelf audio bluetooth transmitters/receivers. They are inexprnsive and have excellent audio frequency response, All you need is a 5VDC supply at each end to power them.
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