TCP Vs. UDP, how can I turbo charge data transfer?

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    Oct 3, 2010
    I am making a 3D machine simulator in Blender (animation/game design suite w/ Python 3 interface) and it needs to communicate with an Omron PLC over Ethernet. I have found Python 2 code online which communicates with Omron PLCs using Omron's own "FINS" protocol. The code is provided in two files; one for TCP and one for UDP. Not knowing the difference between TCP and UDP, I picked TCP because it rings familiar to me. I spent a lot of time converting it over to Python 3, only to find that it is not quite fast enough.

    My simulation/"video game" runs @ 24FPS, and I need it to read/write to the PLC each frame, so total communication time needs to be <40mS. Using the TCP Python code, I can read data from the PLC in 60-90mS, and it doesn't matter whether I read 2B or 30kB, same comms time. So after a bit of reading about TCP Vs. UDP I thought using the UDP code would make for faster comms, but that's not so. The UDP code gives me the exact same comms time (EDIT : wrong, actually UDP takes over 1.2sec to read).

    What can I do to speed things up? I don't care about data integrity, error checking, or network congestion. I'm cool with blindly sending/receiving and assuming it worked. It just needs to be as fast as conceivably possible on 10/100 ethernet. The network will consist of a PC, PLC, and touchscreen.

    EDIT: attached python files if anybody is interested. The two original python 2 files and my converted Python 3 file. rename to .py
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Might not be an option but using something other than Python might speed things up.
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    UDP or User Datagram Protocol has no method for ensuring the reliable delivery of data. If that is what you want, to spray and pray, then UDP is for you. I agree that ditching Python should speed things up. It is interpreted after all.
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    Jan 10, 2012
    Seems odd that UDP would be slower. As mentioned, UDP streams data without mechanisms for data integrity. It should be faster.