GMC vehicle - model '96 V8 turbo Diesel K-1500 - Z71 - failure

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    My neigbour got a GMC car model '96 V8 turbo Diesel K-1500 - Z71 - Spares for that model are not obtained locally so he wants to be sure he is not going to spend his money in the wrong ones. (I suspect, only suspect, that local service people could be not really sure of what is the actual reason).

    The problem: the engine in ralenti or at any speed, stops with no warning, and most of the times, refuses to start again if tried immediately. There is not a recognizable pattern associated to the failure and no additional flaws noticed prior or after it happens. Sometimes, he can start it again few hours later or maybe the next day.

    He has checked that while the starter always turns the engine, diesel is NOT coming from the pump. Prior this failure started to occurr, he has experienced a solid good performance.

    Somebody else got information that this is a more or less typical failure in this model, associated with the board controlling the injection part.

    Could anyone one comment on this? I will pass any info you want to give.

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    I am not very experienced in diesels and just have three. Two things come to mine in addition to something wrong with the injector control. 1) Air in the injector will/can make them stop. Assuming there is plenty of fuel and the fuel pump is working, I would consider an intermittent air leak. 2) If an electric fuel pump is intermittent (e.g., from a bad electrical connection or ground), that can cause it too.

    The injector probably has a bleed valve to get rid of air, and checking the fuel pump on my diesels is just a matter of removing the output line. That engine has a fuel pump "module" ( ). I didn't read any more about it than that. But, since fuel is not being delivered, that is where I would focus attention.

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    Has he checked the OBD? Don't know about that year but some need a OBD reader/scanner and some use the link to flash a dash light to give the fault code. Depending on when it was built.

    They do have a couple of filters in a diesel that can cause fuel delivery problems
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    I joined another website to learn about my latest car purchase because this site is more about electronics, not so much about cars. I learned about things at the Ford Explorer site that nobody here knows. I suggest you search for a website devoted to your kind of car...whatever it is. Z71? K1500?
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    What kind of fuel pressure is he getting while its running ... Also is the tank vented ?? Has he checked out the fuel filter and might have a pressure regulator that is starting to fail.,

    Wait what I can pretty much answer any question you have with the explorer...
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    Did the car stutter just before stopping or car just dies?