Tattoo power supply redesign

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Hello aac, I am new to the site, first post, and a newbie in electronics. So I ask for your patience and understanding.

So a little background, I'm an electrician, so I have a basic understanding of electricity, but know nothing of IC's and building pcb's or any of that sort of thing.

The project, my friend and I had the idea to make a new and improved tattoo power supply that will eventually be integrated into a tattoo cart/tray. What will differentiate the power supply from what's out there now is the ability to set up, plug in, and have separate setting for multiple tattoo machines. I also want to control hz's and volts seperatly. We also want onboard batteries so we have the option to untether from the wall for a few hours.

Progress, we have built a prototype out of pre-built parts and peaces ordered online. But, we have only been able to achieve multiple outputs with one set setting.

I achieved this by simply hooking the tattoo power supply output to a 6 channel wireless relay board and connecting the relay outputs to the tattoo machines.

A few problems with that, with the current set up it takes two "wall warts" or external power supplies to make it all function, the set up depends on a third party power supply, and the output channels aren't adjustable individualy.

So my questions are, how can I modify the circuit of a tattoo power supply so I can add multiple adjustable outputs? And would it be hard to add a volt meter to that? And, how do I add a battery to the mix that can show battery usagage, charge and so on?

I've been doing research and stumbled on to this:

I thought I could maybe base myself on that design but don't understand it enough to know where I can safely add stuff.

Now with all that said, my friend and I are sponcerimg the development of this thing ourselves and he is just a tattoo artist and I am just "bottom of the totom poll" electrician. In other words there isn't a lot of investment money or resources. So any help with cost efficient solutions, and things we can do ourselves, or at home would be awesome! And tips on getting products off the ground would help too.

Thank you in advance! And sorry if the post is to long.