Talking Caller ID box with audio out?

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I am trying to put in a 10-speaker building audio system in a dairy farm barn to play the TV/radio over speakers throughout the building.

It probably will be a 70v system, with a PA amplifier that has optional paging / telephone inputs. I would also like landline phone calls to also come over the speakers, with audible ringing and spoken caller ID announcing.

The 70v speakers and an amplifier with paging override ability are easy to find, but the speaking Caller ID is turning out to be ridiculously difficult.

Nobody seems to sell what I'm looking for, which is just a simple Talking Caller ID box with power, phone jack, and audio out. I suppose I can try buying a cheap Talking Caller ID device with a speaker only, cut off the speaker wires, and solder on an audio output connection. There would be no way to control volume or determine polarity but... oh well.

Also I am trying look around for a Speaking Caller ID box with hearing aid compatibility. That usually means there's an audio-out connector somewhere, but I just am not finding it.