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Using Snap4Arduino IDE one can create talking applications quite easily.

Here is a simple example -


User creates middle window of program blocks via drag and drop and configure.

The first block reads the Arduino A/D, pin 0, and stores it in the AtoDval variable.

Next the conversion from A/D read output to V is done by multiplying by Ref voltage
of 5V and then dividing by A/D full scale value (1024, 10 bits).

Then the next 3 lines of code round the voltage to 3 decimal places.

Lastly using PC sound system (Arduino board has to remain connected to PC)
the voltage is spoken followed by its units, "Volts"

Right hand window shows some of the libraries that can be added to project to
enhance usability.

So basically you drag/drop/configure the blocks and Snap4Arduino converts that into
Arduino code.

Fun stuff.

Regards, Dana.
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