Switching AC load from wireless MCU

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I have a circuit query which I hope you can help with and apologies in advance if it has been covered elsewhere.

I am developing a circuit which will switch an AC lighting circuit (230Vac, 10A max) from a wireless MCU.

The digital output of the MCU will provide a 2mA, 3.3Vdc supply which in my naivety I thought I could pulse a non-latching relay to switch in/out the AC circuit however I am struggling to find a relay with a 6.6mW coil.

Has anyone used a relay (standard or solid state) to do this? If so do you have recommendations on a particular component?

I have also looked at using MOSFET's but I am a bit out of my comfort zone so any advice or pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.

Many thanks for your help,