Suppression of RF Transmitter Signal

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I have an automated transceiver with a single antenna that periodically transmits a 50-750ms pulse at 900MHz to 1.1GHz with about 7 watts of power. In between pulses, it's a receiver at that frequency range. Is there a clever way to externally suppress the transmissions completely, without interfering with the receiver function?
The suppression needs to occur outside of the box, via a circuit on or in the coax or at the antenna, as opening the box and modifying the internals is not an option. Even general ideas on how one could go about getting this achieved would be greatly appreciated.


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No idea about radars. Its a passive device that sends whatever comes to port 1 to port 2, 2 to 3 and 3 to 1. So if you connect your device to port 1, RF terminator that handles that 7W to port 2 and your antenna to 3, then you get what you need. But you need to choose one that fits the bandwidth, has enough RF separation between the ports and can handle the power.