Suggestion about AAC Daily Statistics

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Please tell me what you think.
Looks great! I love the graph. I'm a visual type. regarding this:
The above table is an important one, as it demonstrates an important, sad trend: The AAC has lost its popularity
over the last months. We can see very noticeable decrease in all of the tracked stats.
It's not exclusive to AAC. see this thread over on electro-tech.
I don't know if electronics are seasonal or what, but it is summer vacation here in the USA. That could explain it. I guess stats haven't been tracked long enough to correlate this to the season. I hope it's not a universal fall-off of interest in electronics. That would just be depressing.


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Thanks for the link to electrotech. I was getting worried.

I read the thread and it was interesting to see my daily routine duplicated into another sister forum.

I may consider signing up there, just to "spy" how they do business.
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