Product request/suggestion. DIN Programmable PSU

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Hi guys, I'm looking for a PSU, I hope those kind of questions are allowed here.
I'm having trouble finding something that would fit all the criteria.

My Unit Under Test has an I/O line, where I need to supply 4 different voltage (3.5V, 12V, 14V, 19V) levels and check for correct response.
The PSU needs to be DIN Rail mounted, and has to be programmable in the range of 0V to 20V (or more), ideally using USB serial communication (but I'm open to explore other protocols).
The power required from the PSU is negligible, 1A would be more than enough.

Normally, I would use a bench top PSU with a rack mount option, plenty of those to choose from, butfor this project I need a DIN Rail PSU.

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