STM32h7A3 - series Microcontroller

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Hello All,

We are using STM32h7A3 microcontroller in our project. When we dump the simple uart code and reset , it is giving the results until power off condition. After power off condition , ST link unable to detect the MCU until erase FLash and download code again using STM32 cube programmer.

Attached the sch for reference. Any suggestion in hardware , firmware side.



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I take "power off" to mean one of the sleep modes (Sleep/Stop/Standby).

If so, you need to set the DBGSLEEP/STDBY/STOP_CD bits in DBGMCU_CR [Ref RM0455 (rev6) Sec 64.5.7]. These keep some clocks running even though they're supposed to be stopped in the relevant mode; you'll get (slightly) higher power readings but the debugger will be able to talk to the chip. There's probably a Cube function to do this.