Stepper motor driver issue

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  1. cmjb13

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    Mar 18, 2015

    Here's what I have:
    Price is right IGT slot machine wheel connected to....
    K179 Stepper driver (which controls speed and direction of wheel)
    Light control board (controls chasing light speed)
    VLT130 AC/DC power supply
    TDK-Lambda DSP30-12 power supply

    Video here

    As you can see by the video, the wheel spins albeit slowly. When I manually increase the stepping speed on the K179, the spinning stops and just freezes. My goal is to have this spin fast and then slow down and stop on a random number which I believe I will need some sort of a trigger for.

    Spin faster without freezing
    Have the unit connected to a button when pressed would slow down and stop randomly

    Is there any arduino hardware (or similar) I can use to replace the existing hardware that would accomplish this? I'm not sure the current hardware will accomplish what I'm looking to achieve.

    Any help is appreciated
  2. DNA Robotics


    Jun 13, 2014
    You might try a more gradual acceleration. Sometimes micro-stepping can get past harmonic issues. A rubber harmonic damper in the drive mechanism can help too.